White Fish en Papillote…

If you want to make something different during Super Bowl LV, well cooking white fish this way is on of my daughter favorite thing to make fast and it’s super tasty….

It’s messy and often wasteful grilling white fish. Tuna, Sword, and whole fish of any type are marvelous on the grill, but white fish fillets success come down to either a brilliant spatula game and a tremendous amount of luck or dispiriting loss as that succulent flesh flakes and falls into the flames. I

I’m gonna wrap it up….

White Fish en Papillote

– 1 fillet of white fish, 5 to 6 ounces per person

– shallots, sliced

– cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered

– kalamata olives, halved

– garlic, minced

– lemon, sliced into rounds

– thyme

– unsalted butter

– dry white wine

– salt to taste

Going by a strict translation, this is not actually en papillote so much as it’s generic brand aluminum foil. In the French tradition of en papillote, the food is sealed in parchment paper, folded under itself and the tucked as like a calzone and set to blister in the oven. Foil does the same job and saves you the fire suppressant.

This method works with any grill that can be covered to create a makeshift oven. I set my oven at 400˚F and cooked for 15 minutes, but the uncertainties of coals and the varying thickness of whatever piece of fish you got a hold of are going to make you use that clever noggin I’ve come to respect so much. Here’s the outline. Adapt it to your situation and you will not be displeased.

Put all of that stuff I listed above, minus the wine, on half of a piece of foil big enough to wrap around like a sleeping bag and snort a satisfied snort. Provided you liberally salted the fish you’ve set yourself up for rousing success.

Fold the edges tightly leaving one end open.

Pour a little wine into the open side, just a sip or two.

Seal the final end.

Add to heat.

Once done, just peel open and be amazed.


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