Two days left in 2020, It’s chorizo omelette time

I think I needed that to finish 2020…

With its ingredients so decidedly Spanish, you’d be tempted to call this a Spanish omelette – but that would be confusing, of course. Probably the most popular dish of Spain, the tortilla has always confused me, actually… Because here in NorCal a tortilla to be a flat round of cornmeal .

Even more confusing do I find the English “translation” of the Spanish tortilla: Spanish omelette. To me, an omelette is a couple of beaten eggs poured into a cast-iron pan, topped with whatever takes your fancy and cooked until just setting, then folded in half and served with crusty bread. A THIN layer of egg. Not a pan crowded with potatoes fried in olive oil with just enough egg to bind them together to form a sort of savoury cake.

So my recipe here is for a real omelette, but with Hispanic flavours – a few eggs topped with crispy chorizo, onion, leeks, chilli and some arugula. I like to keep my omelette slightly runny on top, just because I am an incorrigible mopper-upper of juices on my plate. A great every day breakfast or brunch solution. Quick to put together and oh so satisfying…

Chorizo, manchego & arugula omelette
(serves 3-4)

6 large eggs
5.3 oz chorizo
1 medium red onion
half a leek
1 red chilli (seeds and membranes removed)
1/2 cup manchego (finely grated)
1 large handful arugula leaves
black pepper

Take the skin off the chorizo, depending on type. I like to buy the deli-style chorizo at any mexican supermarket.But I also like the fake chorizo from Trader Joe’s “Soy Chorizo“. Slice it thick for regular chorizo or peel the skin for the “Soy Chorizo“.

Heat a stainless-steel frying pan and cook the chorizo, without the addition of any oil as it will render its own fat. Peel and slice the onion to the same thickness as the sausage, roughly chop the leek and chilli. When the chorizo is starting to brown and crisp up, add the onion, leek and chilli. Fry until the onion turns translucent and softens. Transfer to a bowl and reserve – wipe the frying pan clean.

Beat the eggs with a fork.

Melt the butter in the frying pan*. Add the beaten eggs, top with the chorizo & onion mixture as well as the grated manchego and cook, over a medium heat, until the eggs are setting and the cheese has melted – I like to leave the omelettes just a little bit runny on top.

Scatter the arugula leaves on top, use a big spatula to fold the omelette over and carefully slide out onto a plate.

Grind some black pepper over it and serve with crusty bread on the side.

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