Spaghettini Con Sugo di Tonno

Put aside whatever ideas you have about canned tuna, or the words “tuna pasta” together….

This recipe looks so simple yet delicious. One of our favorite, easy go-to weeknight meals. Sometime we love to cook some grape tomatoes in w/ the garlic and then smash them slightly w/ a fork before adding it to the pasta. oh, I love peperoncino is a must for me

This dish is classically Italian in that six simple ingredients come together to make something unbelievably pleasing.

Tuna, tuna, tuna. I’m not talking about the watery, shredded-beyond-recognition stuff. I’m talking about olive-oil packed, sustainable, thick-cut tuna that may come in a can (like Genova) or a jar (like Tonnino or Bela). It’ll cost a couple extra dollars, but it’ll make your pasta

Using which included an exceptional can of Ortiz tuna. Ortiz is one of my favorite brands. Those Spaniards really know their tuna. If you find the Ortiz tuna in a glass jar, grab some up. Fantastic…

This meal was made for multi-tasking. While the pasta water came to a boil, there was ample time to slice garlic, chop parsley, open the can of tuna, heat the olive oil with crushed red pepper and sliced garlic, add the tuna, and dress a couple of small plates of arugula with oil and vinegar. Al dente spaghettini was tossed with the oil, garlic, pepper, tuna, parsley, and some reserved pasta boiling water. Devouring ensued.

At the risk of fawning, I have to say again that this was really, really good tuna. It breaks apart and swirls into the olive oil and twists its way among the strands of pasta. With the hit of crushed red pepper and the garlic, the flavors are sculpted into a situation of give me more because my plate is already empty.

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