Sour Cherry Smoothie…

 I love sour cherries, I’ve managed to stow away a few buckets full from last summer in my freezer. It’s a treasure trove of sour cherry goodness in there! Enter my new favorite snack: a sour cherry smoothie!

Sure smoothies are wonderful for breakfast, but as a midday pick me up, I think this smoothie makes a fantastic treat. Because we’re dealing with sour cherries, unsweetened sour cherry juice and unsweetened yogurt, this drink needs sweetener. Normally, I’m loathe to add any added sugar, but for this recipe, you’ll definitely need at least some of it. I used agave syrup since that’s what I had on-hand, but honey would be a fine substitute. I picked up a few bottles of sour cherry juice last time I was stateside at Trader Joe’s or check your local health food store. You could use a sweetened juice and a sweetened yogurt and skip the agave syrup, but I trust my own measurements, ingredients and taste buds over something pre-made.

sour cherry smoothie
You might need to add in some water or extra juice if you like a thinner smoothie or some more fruit for a thicker version. Play around until you get your own version!

1 c frozen peaches
1 c frozen sour cherries
1/2 c plain, unsweetened yogurt
1/3 c unsweetened sour cherry juice
2-3 T agave syrup

Add the frozen peaches and sour cherries to your blender. Top with the yogurt, sour cherry juice and 1/2 of the agave syrup. Blend on high until smooth. Taste & add more agave syrup if needed. Pour into 2 large glasses.

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