Picante Pineapple Margaritas (frozen)

Well yesterday was Sunday and let’s face it I was craving margaritas…

There’s something so marvelously fresh, zingy, tasty, moreish, slurpable about a good margarita.

And that goes double for frozen ones. I haven’t made frozen margaritas in a year so it was time…

Just look at this frosty, vibrant waterfall of goodness…I’m so ready….

They’re beautifully simple, but you do need a good blender.


Half a pineapple – peeled, cored and cut into chunks

2 handfuls of ice

Juice of 2 limes

1tsp runny honey

1tsp of hot sauce

Tequila (about 6/8 shots, or as much as you fancy)

Salt to rim glasses

Tajin to rim glasses (I’m addicted to this stuff!)

Homemade guacamole & tortilla chips (to serve)

Freeze your pineapple chunks overnight. You could even add a few chunks of mango or some passion fruit in to freeze too, if you like.

When it’s nice and frosty and you’re ready to fiesta, throw them into a blender with your ice.

Add your hot sauce.

Squeeze over your lime juice.

Add your honey.

Pour over your tequila.

Then pour over a little more!

Pop the lid on and blitz!

When you have a beautifully fragrant, smooth mixture, you’re done.

Dip the rims of your glasses into citrus juice, then into salt or Tajin.

Pour your grown-up slush puppy into glasses.

Serve with some fresh guacamole.

Just make sure to drink responsibly… as there’s a serious risk of brain freeze from these muchachos.

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