My wife Lisa cold busting lemongrass & ginger tea self-brew

I like to sip this as the day unfolds

I pour just a tiny bit in to the cup so that it cools down quicker, then take a sip & enjoy the deep, warming zing of the ginger & the crisp, purifying aroma of the lemongrass. I feel its warmth seep in to my body & envelope me & shield me from the cold.

Its weird to admit to, but this tea flask is starting to become almost like a security blanket for me. Whenever it’s too much, I take a break with it. Even while walking on the street at times! I stop & take a sip by the sidewalk & let the world pass by. I find that it is a great calming way to take a step back from the hustle & bustle. I now realise that the time you enjoy taking a break is not wasted time. It reminds me to slow down & most importantly, allow for that.

Lisa’s recipe for cold busting lemongrass & ginger tea brew


Fresh lemongrass

Fresh ginger root

Tea bag of your choice (caffeine-free would be ideal, like Tick Tock Rooibos Tea or chamomile)

Honey or Agave syrup to sweeten (optional)


1. Boil some water in the kettle.

2. Cut a slice of ginger. Just a slither is plentiful, otherwise it becomes too spicy & dominant in the tea. Peel the skin, & place this in the thermos flask.

3. Next, chop off about 0.5 inch (2cm) of lemongrass. Using the back of a wooden spoon, smash it to bruise & release the aromatic oils. Pop this in the flask also.

4. Pop the tea bag in the flask & pour in the hot water. Let the tea steep for a while & then discard the bag.

5. Then secure the lid. That’s all! 🙂 It’ll be flavoursome after about 30 minutes. 

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