Milk Tea Boba…

This is for my daughter Ana and she loves bubble tea. I had no idea how to make it. So, I took the challenge head on….. Oh, I love me my boba. A milk tea boba, please (also known as bubble tea). We’ve been hooked for the last five years.

black tea
5-minute boba

Boba is giant pearl tapioca. Each pearl is soft and chewy with a slight sweetness. I refer to boba as my favorite choking hazard snack because it’s not that difficult to accidentally suck a boba up the big straw and down the wrong pipe. You need to either be mindful of how you consume the boba or enjoy it in the company of someone who will perform the heimlich on you. Now days, they carry 5-minute boba in my local Asian grocery store. It takes five minutes to cook!

top the boba with some ice
pour the brewed black tea

Be aware of all of the dairy alternatives. It’s Los Gatos (CA), after all… While milk makes for an unhappy tummy, I like the taste of soy milk, rice milk or oat milk. You can use whatever you like or skip the “milk” altogether. I made this one with non-fat milk for Lisa.

add milk

This is the basic milk tea boba. You can get fancy with all sorts of flavors and add-ins at boba tea joints. They have coffee, thai tea, passion fruit, strawberry, kiwi, honeydew, azuki bean, taro – just to name a few.

Good times!

Milk Tea Boba

1 tsp black tea
8 oz. water, boiling
sugar (optional)
1/4 cup boba (pearl tapioca), cooked per package instructions
milk (optional)

Steep the tea leaves in a cup of boiling water to desired strength (about 5 minutes for me). Remove the tea leaves. If you want your tea sweetened, add sugar to taste. Let the tea cool. Place the boba in a large glass. Fill the glass with ice. Pour the tea over the ice. Top with milk. Makes one 16-ounce serving.

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