Immunity Ginger Turmeric Shot Cubes

You could say, this recipe is more about a life hack than it is about a recipe, as you could do this using any juice, but because these are so good for you and super-easy, I thought it was worth a post as it’s time saving and health saving.  Because these are immunity shots, I’m using the skins of everything. The bitterness is where all the medicine is in a lot of our food, so I made sure I used the best ingredients possible,  everything being super fresh and of course, organic.  You can however make this non-organic, it just won’t be as potent, but if you don’t use organic, just remember then to remove the skins (as this is where all the pesticides lie). I learned a long time ago that lemon is a great primer to start the day out with, to clean the liver and get the stomach acid flowing, hence a great drink to sip about a half hour before your first meal. The ginger protects and heals the gut, while aiding in digestion and the Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties, known to cause homeostasis between gut flora and immune response.  Keeping your gut healthy, in turn keeps our immunity in good check. So take your pre and probiotics, drink an immunity shot on the daily, get good sleep, stay away from sugar, and you should be well on your way. Stay healthy and enjoy!

Immunity Ginger Turmeric Shot Cubes 

3-4 organic lemons (including skins).
1 – 2 inch finger of organic ginger (including skins).
1 – 1 inch finger of organic turmeric
a dash of freshly ground organic pepper (to enhance the tumeric/curcumin properties)
Double or triple as needed

Juicer Recipe
Simply throw all of the ingredients into your juicer and catch at the other end.  Freeze into an ice cube tray. To serve,  add an immunity ice cube to some sparkling or filtered water (about 1 cup and a half or to taste) and go!

Hand Juice Recipe
Juice the lemon with a hand juicer or use a spoon to squeeze (and of course remove the pits! Peel and grate both the ginger and turmeric and stir into the lemon juice.  Freeze into an ice cube tray, then just add an immunity ice cube to some sparkling or filtered water (about 1 cup and a half or to taste) and go!

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