Iceberg Lattes

I try years ago coffee ice cubes in my iced latte, I loved them….So I was going to have to make my own coffee ice cubes and try this witchcraft for myself.

I made them, I made them again, and again and again. These are now my favourite caffeinated treat. So easy to whip up at home, and if you put them in a jar you can throw one in your bag for later!

You will need:

The best quality coffee you can get your paws on.

A Chemex.

A silicone ice tray.




You’re best off making your coffee the night before you want these.

I used my Chemex and I make it strong…

When the coffee’s cooled, pour it into your ice tray.

Place carefully in the freezer and chill over night.

Congratulations, you’ve got yourself some icebergs!

It’s so easy….

Warm the bottom and edges of the tray with some warm water and wiggle out your icebergs.

Beautiful, aren’t they?

Fill a jar with ’em.

And top up with milk.

Look, one hand on the camera and one hand on the milk…. I do have are a very particular set of skills, right…

Throw a couple of straws in and serve!

The coffee slowly seeps into the milk and gets stronger as you go. Every slurp is perfectly iced.

If you find you’ve gotten ahead of yourself and sucked up all the milk before your bergs have melted, just add a little more.

A never ending latte!

If you’re going to knock them up and take one out with you, just make sure the lid is screwed on properly and give it a shake before you open it again.

Of course you should feel free to espresso yourself and add a little chocolate powder if you wanna live La Vida Mocha.

My daughter Ana would say “I going to add some vanilla syrup to make it perfect…”

Either way I think you’re going to like these a latte!

Sometime I used hot milk, what?

Now you know my secret about Iced Latte and you can save yourself some $$$$$

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