Hell Yes: Guacamole Naan Pizza

Last night the girls and came up with something with new and favorite: Guacamole Naan Pizza!

Like everyone I bought too many avocados @Costco….what to do, what to do?

Guacamole Naan Pizza….Yes, yes, yes…

First, for the naan, I used the naan recipe I always use, because it’s the best naan recipe there is: this one from Manjula’s Kitchen. This naan always comes out so good, and thankfully it still worked out rolled out into bigger pizza crust rounds. Here’s a couple of my naan breads right after they came out the oven; the one on the left is a future pizza crust, the one on the right is just a regular piece of naan.

After that I simply whipped up some guacamole, slathered that on the naan, and topped it off with some baby spinach, roasted cherry tomatoes, alfalfa sprouts, and some freshly squeezed lemon juice. The result: perfection.

The only thing is—and this was something brought to my attention by my daughter—this isn’t really a pizza. And I guess that’s right: it’s more of a big piece of naan topped with guacamole and vegetables. However, being a veg*n for as long as I have, I’m pretty used to names never really fitting what I make. I cut this like a pizza, I ate this like a pizza, and regardless of what it tasted like, and regardless of its utter lack of any tomato sauce or cheese, it’s still a pizza in my mind.

But enough talk—let’s just sit down and eat!

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