My Guacamole for Super Bowl LV…

Pseudo New Mexican Style Guacamole if There Is a New Mexican Style Guacamole

– avocado

– yellow onion, diced

– garlic, roughly diced

– Roma tomato, deseeded and diced

– cilantro, chopped

– ~ Hatch chilies, canned

– salt

– cumin

I didn’t put measures or quantities because this is very much a taste as you go and fix as needed dish. I started with two avocados, the juice of one lime, one Roma, a third of a yellow onion, a small handful of cilantro, four heaping tablespoons of chilies, and four cloves of garlic. I added lime juice as needed for texture and then added cumin and salt, tried it and added more as needed.

Start with the avocados. Slice them in half and drive the knife into the pit with a quick strike.

Twist to remove the pit and cut the flesh in a crisscross pattern making sure not to cut through the avocado skin. Flesh means avocado in this instance, not your hand.

Remove the flesh from the skins and put in a bowl. Add the lime juice and mash. Add the tomato, garlic, chilies, cilantro, and onion and stir.

Salt and cumin to taste adding lime juice as needed.

This can be made the night before and refrigerated. If you are packing it away for the next day though, it may turn brown – that’s just what avocados do. If that happens just scoop off the thin layer of brown and enjoy the nice green below.


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