Campari Mimosas

I’ve been making Campari Mimosas for year because regular Mimosas are so boring….

simple is good: campari, prosecco, oranges
getting a nice strip of orange peel
coiling the peel
juice that orange

Do I really need champagne? If I spend $10 on a bottle of champagne will it suck? Yes, once again the answer is yes. Go with a dry Prosecco, trust me. Not only that, but you will saved around $30.

a half ounce of campari
two ounces of orange juice

Everybody enjoyed their Campari mimosas AND everyone was able to wake up early the next morning…I hope…

top off with bubbly

Campari Mimosas

1/2 oz. Campari
2 oz. orange juice, fresh squeezed
Prosecco or brut Champagne, chilled
orange peel (a long strip, curled)

In a champagne flute, combine the Campari, orange juice, and Prosecco (or Champagne). Garnish with orange peel. Makes 1 glass.

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