Bacon in cocktails, hell yes…

New Years Eve is for day drinking: bacon-infused bourbon, vanilla maple syrup, and bitters.

The smoky, salty goodness of bacon makes it a natural complement to cocktails, tempering any sweetness and softening strong spirits. Well I say it’s easy to “baconify” whatever liquor you choose with just a few simple steps.


CHOOSE A SPIRIT. My friend Gary the bartender (don’t ever call him a mixologist, EVER) say he currently infuses bacon with rum, vodka, and bourbon and I was like…WHAT? He look at me and say “Shit frenchie don’t worries the liquor will taste intensely like bacon, no joke.”


INFUSE. Essentially, the fatty grease produced from pan frying bacon is used to flavor the spirit. Be sure to whisk the bacon fat into the spirit of your choice. Technically, this is bacon washing rather than infusing, but it’s a great way to repurpose bacon byproduct. Let the mixture settle overnight in the refrigerator.


CHOOSE INGREDIENTS. The next day, simply remove the thin layer of bacon fat that has formed on top and use as a base spirit. When creating a bacon-infused cocktail, pair the infusion with savory flavors, never fruity. And I was like “from a culinary perspective, it just makes more sense.”

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