2 Super-Easy Green Juice Recipes to Boost Your Immunity

Let’s get ready….

Apple Cucumber Juice :

This recipe is a really good juice if you’re looking for a low sugar-style juice,  as we used green apples in our version which are more sour. And the cucumber, apple, lemon and celery are really good for those dealing with gut issues.

¾ cup of Cucumber
½ cup of Apple (we used green apple as it’s low in sugar)
¼ cup of Lemon (we used 1/2 lemon)
¼ cup of Celery
(Optional) 1 to 2 (2-inch piece) fresh ginger

Cut off the ends of the cucumber, peel skin, and slice into appropriate sizes.
Remove the seeds from the apple, cut.
Prepare celery by washing thoroughly.
Wash lemon with baking soda, and prepare by cutting, with the peel intact.
Peel ginger
Put lever on “close.” Alternate the order of ingredient insertion.
*Insert ingredients in order shown above.

Kale Spinach Juice :

This recipe is a little sweeter, but perfect for the little ones who need a blast of green in their diet. If you wish to lower the glycemic impact from the pineapple, add a half lemon.

1/4 of pineapple
A handful of kale
A handful of spinach
(Optional – 1/2 lemon)
1 to 2 (2 inch piece) ginger

Remove the skin and the core of the pineapple, and trim and prepare the kale and the spinach.
Close the lever and extract kale-spinach-pineapple in order.
When putting the last ingredients in, place the lever in half-opened position to release compressed pulp.

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